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Gilzean Proposes $1M for Voter Outreach and Cybersecurity


Published on Thu, 05/09/2024 - 08:01

Gilzean Pitches $1 Million Boost to Voter Outreach plus Cybersecurity 

Orange County Elections Office new balanced budget proposal tackles key priorities ensuring every vote counts 

[Orange County, Florida, May 9, 2024] – Orange County Supervisor of Elections, Glen Gilzean, unveils a groundbreaking budget that not only boosts voter outreach and education but also strengthens cybersecurity to ensure election integrity. Recognizing the growing threat of cyber-attacks on election infrastructure, Supervisor Gilzean has allocated a significant portion of the budget to implementing robust cybersecurity measures designed to protect voter data and safeguard election processes. 

Supervisor Gilzean aims to set a new standard for electoral efficiency and transparency, underpinned by a comprehensive approach to community engagement and fiscal responsibility. "Our democracy thrives when every voice is heard, and every vote counts," stated Supervisor Gilzean. "By investing in outreach and education initiatives, we empower our citizens to actively participate in the democratic process. Thanks to local input from the community, we present a budget that honors taxpayers and increases opportunities for more citizens to access their right to vote. This budget enhances voter engagement while delivering significant savings for Orange County taxpayers." 

To address the growing threats of cyber-attacks and data breaches, the proposed budget includes key investments in advanced cybersecurity technologies, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and data encryption. This step underscores the priority Orange County places on protecting the integrity of its elections and ensuring that voter data remains secure. 

Community leaders demonstrate the support for Supervisor Gilzean's budget proposal: 

Ms. Rose Morris, President of Apopka Progressive Seniors Club, said, "Many seniors like myself have fought hard to secure the right to vote, and I'm glad to see that Supervisor Gilzean is investing in voter education and outreach. By ensuring every vote is counted and every voice is heard, he is honoring the legacy of those who fought for democracy and making it easier for everyone to participate." 

Pastor Jimmy Siberio, Iglesia Oasis, remarked, "By investing in cybersecurity, Supervisor Gilzean is ensuring that every vote is protected. The focus on bilingual community outreach—in both English and Spanish—demonstrates a commitment to making sure that all members of our community are informed and engaged in the democratic process."

Pastor Hezekiah Bradford Jr., President of Ministerial Alliance, commented, "This budget shows that Supervisor Gilzean is serious about protecting our votes and our voices. The investment in cybersecurity ensures that we can trust the system, and the increase in voter education means more people from our communities will be informed and engaged." 

The proposed budget by Supervisor Glen Gilzean marks a pivotal moment in Orange County's electoral landscape, setting a precedent for effective governance, community involvement, and fiscal prudence. As the budget proposal moves forward for consideration and approval, Supervisor Gilzean remains steadfast in his commitment to advancing democracy, transparency, and accountability in Orange County.